How do I create and submit an invoice?

How do I create and submit an invoice?


We ask that you send one invoice at the end of the month, containing all the projects which you have completed and which have been accepted by client(s) in that month.

Contentoo pays your invoice within 30 days of the last day of the month in which you issued your invoice.

Invoicing information:
- Invoice date
- Unique invoice number

Your company information:
- Name and address
- Telephone number
- Email address
- Company registration number (if applicable; for example, your Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number)
- VAT number
- Bank account number (IBAN if you are registered as a company within the EU)

Our company information:
- Contentoo B.V.
- Koivistokade 68 Amsterdam
- 1013 BB Amsterdam
- The Netherlands

Project details:
- Project code + Project title + Month in which the project was delivered
- Agreed fee (word count x rate per word for the type of service)

For content creation: Always state the final word count of the text.
For rewriting, editing and translation: Always state the word count of the original text.

Send your invoice in PDF format by email to