How do I create a project?

How do I create a project?


To start a new project, click ‘+ new project’ in the upper right side of the Contentoo platform. Follow the steps to fill in the briefing for your project. Based on what you enter, the Contentoo platform will automatically select the best freelancer for the project.  To find out more about how to create an effective briefing, please visit this page.  

Step 1: Project type 

Choose the type of service you need: content creation, rewriting, editing or translation.  

Please note: Select the freelancer first and then you will only be offered a choice of the services that they offer.  

Step 2: Briefing

Enter the requested information:  

- content type 

- word count 

- language 

- project title (visible in the dashboard) 

- purpose of the content 

- target group - document type* 

- additional detailed briefing information 

- relevant documentation 

- deadlines** 

* Choose between Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you use Google Docs, fill in the URL to the document and please remember to grant the freelancer access to the document in your Google Drive (link to article about sharing documents). 

** Go here to find out more about setting deadlines (link to deadlines article)  

Step 3: Assign writer 

Choose a freelancer for your project. You’ll find more information about the freelancers on their profiles.  

Step 4: Start project 

You’ll see a summary of the briefing for your new project. Check to make sure everything is correct. If not, you can still make any changes you need. Is your briefing complete? Then you’re ready to create your project.