What deadline should I set?

What deadline should I set?


The amount of time it takes to deliver your content depends on a few factors: the type of service, the amount of content and the freelancer’s availability. No matter what, we always do everything possible to make sure your projects are completed on time. Here are some general guidelines to help you set effective deadlines for your projects:

Texts with 700 words or less: At least 3 working days
Texts with 701 – 2,000 words: At least 5 working days
Texts with more than 2,000 words: At least 7 working days

For translation, rewriting and editing projects, you can follow the same guidelines as above, but reduce the number of days by at least one day.

For content strategy projects, we will propose a deadline based on our intake meeting with you.

 If you have an urgent project and need to have the content delivered within 3 working days or less, we will apply an express delivery fee. See here for more information.